Are you looking for Corian worktops in Brentwood if you want your kitchen to appear magnificent or ultra-sleek? Nothing beats the timeless beauty of a Corian worktop when it comes to replacing a kitchen worktop. It's an excellent choice for a visually pleasing and functional kitchen remodel.

Installing Corian will show that you have exquisite taste. This will ensure the longevity of your Corian worktop and its pristine state. For what reasons does Corian worktop win out? The reasons for the substance are as follows.

● Display a refined persona.

● Make it appear cozy.

● Improve the look of your house.

● Helpful in making a high-end kitchen

Precautions for Keeping Corian in Good Condition

Installing a Corian worktop is the finest way to increase the market value of your kitchen.

Before deciding to install Corian, there are several factors to consider. Your financial situation will improve in this way.

Ensure your counter continues to look great for a long time. Essential dos and don'ts for keeping a Corian kitchen counter in good condition are as follows. Look into the following items to stay away from if you value your Corian kitchen's quality:

1. Knives

To cut ingredients, use one of the worktops. Unfortunately, the surfaces are easily marred by everyday wear and tear, including chips, scrapes, and scratches. Furthermore, cutting on surfaces can dull the blades and increase the risk of laceration when used for cutting.

Refrain from using your Corian counter as a cutting board. You may extend the life of your worktops and knives by doing this. As you would before chopping meat, have a cutting board prepared. If you have knives, make sure you use them with care.

2. Spills

Water spills are commonplace on kitchen worktops. However, extra caution must be taken with liquids like juice and wine. Keep things off the worktop so you can do this. You must clean all spills on the worktops instantly. Particular caution should be exercised to avoid spilling wine or cranberry juice, as these beverages tend to leave irreversible stains on lighter textiles.

3. Uncooked Meat

Raw meat may be safely handled on your kitchen surfaces. Cutting meat creates a breeding ground for salmonella and other bacteria, which can spread to other meals. Don't forget to use some solid disinfectant immediately after putting raw meat on the counter. The problem eventually affects nearly all homeowners.

Especially if the product is difficult to use, the Corian might be damaged. Put raw meat on your worktops at your own risk if you care about their longevity and appearance. A chopping board is an essential tool for safely preparing meat during cooking.

4. Acids

Substances with high acidities, such as sodas, citrus fruits, vinegar, lotions, perfumes, nail polishes, and soaps, can etch the surfaces and erode the Corian finish, leaving the worktops more vulnerable to stains. Some foods are too acidic to keep out on the kitchen counter, so put them away in a drawer. Take care not to drop them in the kitchen.

5. Having a Spills

In terms of hardness, Corian is towards the top. In contrast, if anything heavy was to fall on it, it may be chipped. Chips may appear everywhere, including the edge of your sink. Take care not to scratch the worktop when you move heavy goods across them.

6. Sizzling pans

Being an igneous rock, Corian is resistant to intense heat. As a result, you may safely lay a hot pot down on the counter for a time without worrying about scorching the surface. High temperatures degrade the sealants on the worktop, making it easier for liquids to seep through and giving the worktop an ugly appearance. You should clean up as you go along in the kitchen to ensure everything runs smoothly.

7. Oil

Oil from frying frequently runs down the bottle. The worktop might have unsightly oil stains. Store oil bottles and liquid sauces in a cabinet when not in use to prevent spills.

8. Extremely Large Mass

You should only sit on or rest your feet on the worktops if they can handle much weight. When heavy items are placed on a worktop, the surface often cracks around the edge, requiring expensive repairs or perhaps a complete replacement. Keep the worktop free from heavy objects.

8. Soap

Most homeowners wash their worktops with soap and water after cooking. Over time, it does cause an unpleasant buildup of soap. According to the stonemasons who put up your worktops, soap makes the Corian grimy. Use soap sparingly if you care about keeping the surfaces in excellent condition. After each use, give it a good wiping.

For What Reason Do We Prefer to Maintain Corian Worktop?

Your Corian worktop is an investment that should be treated with the same care you give to your other prized possessions. Keep in mind to always wipe up spills and utilize coasters, hot pads, trivets, and cutting boards daily.

While accidents are uncommon with Corian worktops, they may be avoided by taking precautions against destructive actions. You can put a hot skillet directly on a Corian worktop, but the surface will likely crack from the temperature shock. Expect a crack to form under those conditions. Meanwhile, you can decide to play it safe and not risk anything.

If you want your home's worth to grow and if you want to be able to sell it fast, you also need to know how to make intelligent modifications to it. Due to Corian's enduring appeal, it's safe to infer that the trend toward using it as an upgrade has not waned.

Sum Up

The above are some tips that need to be avoided while using Corian worktops. So, if you don't know Corian worktops prices, you can simply visit Solid Worktops Ltd. Due to their durability, attractiveness, and ease of maintenance, some customers are willing to pay more for them. Slab & Stones Ltd. is the place to go if you need Corian worktops for your kitchen.